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South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal, Ranchi

Add: 134, Khunti Bhawan
Pin: 834002
Contact Person: Anima Baa
Purpose: Women empowerment, disability, community development, health, education, agriculture, housing. Organizing the community to be self reliant & bring them into main stream.
Aim/Objective/Mission: To serve the marginalized, needy and most neglected people of the community. To organize the tribal community to be self reliant & bring them into main stream and encourage them to do socio – economic, innovative and development work. Creation of awareness within community on health, education, culture, agriculture and housing development to promote good environment for healthy society. To aware the people for better health, relevant education and provide shelter to needy with good environment. Proper utilization and management of human and available natural resources for sustainable development. Changes in mentally of youth along with the overall development of the society.
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